I smoked marijuana with a guy at the game

I have season tickets to the football games, so I go to every one of the games.

My seats are in the third row above the stadium on the same side as the home team.

My dad had the season tickets and they were gifted to me. Today those tickets would probably cost about $1,500 each, but I have two tickets to go to that game every week for free. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me to that game on Sunday, because of the holidays. I decided to go by myself. I got dressed in my team’s favorite gear. I had my foam finger and my d – fence. I drank a couple of beers For the game, because the cost of beers at the game are 10 bucks each. A hot dog is eight bucks and forget about buying a pizza for the family to share. I can drink a whole six-pack for 10 bucks and get a pizza for the same price. When I finished tailgating with some friends, I finally entered the stadium, I found my seat was no problem at all. There were some regular guys sitting behind me and one of them had a recreational marijuana cigarette. I couldn’t believe the guy was smoking recreational marijuana right there in the stands. I’ve never been so bold. I’m always worried that I will get caught smoking marijuana and get kicked out of the stadium or possibly lose my season ticket holder status. I didn’t have any problem hitting the marijuana joint when it was offered to me. I smoked as much as I could before I saw someone coming our way.

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