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  • I actually sleep much better when I smoke weed

    There are various evenings throughout the week when I toss plus turn plus have trouble sleeping. I kneel awake in bed for hours plus count all of the dots on the ceiling tiles. I can usually count all the way to a thousand before I fall asleep. I’ve also tried counting sheep plus drinking warm […]

  • Sale prices at the dispensary are finally 20% off

    Last Tuesday evening my friends and I went to the bar for various hours. My pal and I watched a few boxing matches plus had some wings. My pal and I also drank a couple of beers. I was supposed to open my bestie up from work at midnight. I decided to leave the bar […]

  • The food array at the celebration was enormous and huge

    Wednesday was the one year anniversary of the opening of the marijuana shop near me. I remember when the marijuana shop opened up, because they had a very big sale on everything in the shop. For the first month, all of the products in the store were 25% off. I was definitely upset when the […]

  • Sleeping is no longer an issue thanks to cannabis

    My sister smokes a lot of cannabis and she frequently goes to the dispensary to look for new products. She was at the dispensary last weekend and picked up something that was for me. I always have trouble sleeping at night and I have tried all of the over-the-counter remedies. I’ve tried lots of night […]

  • The shipping supplier lost our lovely, new lights

    I’m honestly really frustrated with my shipping supplier, because they lost the lovely new lights that my buddy and I were going to put up in the marijuana dispensary; then the owner of the marijuana dispensary was here for 3 weeks as well as during that time she made a lot of notes about things […]

  • I schedule everyone in less than two hours

    I got hired to work at the medical and recreation from marijuana dispensary about 8 months ago. When I got hired, the owner was in a free fall. The previous manager was stealing from the company and the dispensary owner needed someone that was trustworthy. The guy told me that he interviewed 25 people for […]