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  • I had no idea my friend was into recreational marijuana

    A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine came over. Honestly, I was not expecting to see them at all, in a way, I didn’t think I would ever see them again, at least not in person. The reason is because they married their husband, and their husband wanted to live in the same […]

  • I started giving my dogs pet CBD products after they reached old age

    The ages of our family pets growing up were all over the place. We had an elderly dog and cat, as well as a kitten and a puppy. I remember the sharp contrast in behavior among them all, and that’s how I learned about silent pain. It’s when another living being is experiencing discomforting pain […]

  • I met my future hubby at the cannabis protest

    I met Ed in college; I was reading there while trying to get my degree in building construction, and Ed was just going to visit campus, because she was a protestor. She didn’t have a real job, or attend school, she acquired money from a covert political group to travel around to college campuses and […]

  • The big storm is bearing down on us

    If you never hear from myself or Ed again, know it was the storm that got us! As I write this a hurricane is approaching the state, and by this time tomorrow Ed and I could be in the belly of a hurricane, and be stuck without power and WIFI. These kinds of sizable storms […]

  • I made a very surprising discovery at sea

    Eddy and I often take her boat out into the gulf for a few hours of peaceful fishing. Eddy and I both have intense and demanding jobs, so on the strange possibilities when all of us both have the same afternoon off Eddy and I try to turn it into a fun escape. All of […]

  • Cannabis will make you feel ecstatic and relaxed

    Depending on where you live in this state, you might be right in the path of the next big hurricane! The last hurricane was a Cat 5 named Ian, and it hit this area about a month ago. I was quite fortunate, because I barely felt any intense weather at all. It rained a lot, […]