Done with anxiety thanks to medical marijuana

I’d like to say that the whole reason I’m even able to express myself is due to medical marijuana.

But that might be a reach.

Yet, it was finding the medical marijuana benefits for my anxiety that was such an integral part of actually managing my anxiety. I’ve dealt with some for of anxiety or another since I was in highschool. So I’m hesitant to try and nail down my specific diagnosis. Before I found cannabis flower products, I for sure went down the prescription med path. And that’s sort of what so many people do when they feel so completely unable to deal with fear and anxiety. Feeling that way for hour upon hour and day upon day is the worst. So the meds did help me keep trudging along. Honestly, that’s all I was doing was trudging. That changed though once I got the good word about medical cannabis. It was my sister who mentioned to me that I should look into how to get a medical marijuana card. She’d done some research and there was some good data on how medical cannabis can help a person manage their anxiety. For sure, I was really into using something that had been used for thousands of years and was natural. Yet, I wanted to get the medical marijuana facts for myself and that’s what I did. It’s hard to describe how discovering cannabis products just changed my own life. Medical cannabis is now a part of a complete lifestyle, diet and exercise reboot. I’m living proof of the medical marijuana benefits when it comes to anxiety. And I think that says it all. I’m living my life out loud for the first time and I have almost zero days of being overwhelmed or anxious. That’s amazing.


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