Happy with the cannabis situation

I met Ed over social media, plus within a few weeks my fantastic friend and I were calling or Facetiming each other every evening… They call this sort of thing a “whirlwind romance” plus in our case it led to moving in together genuinely suddenly.

Too suddenly, it turns out! Ed seemed fantastic over long distance, however living with him was a disaster! Because of me being an idiot, I had moved to the states to be with Ed, leaving my previous life half a country away; When my fantastic friend and I broke up, I made the decision to stay there, because I had grown to care about it in a genuinely short stage of time, however it is not a small town, however it has that small-town feel I adore.

It also bears mentioning that I had landed an excellent job at a town cannabis store, plus I felt I might genuinely have a work here. Where I used to live the economy was in shambles plus fantastic jobs were strenuous to come by, however the town was prosperous, but also it bears mentioning that there are an deranged number of museums, galleries, parks, trails, plus historical sites in the town area. I don’t have a family, however one morning I will, plus the town seems like an amazing place to raise youngsters. I think I do owe Ed a debt of gratitude, because separate from him I never would have discovered the city, or found such a fantastic job in the cannabis industry. Within a year I will be a store supervisor, plus one morning maybe I will own my own cannabis dispensary there.

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