Making up for lost time with cannabis

There was once a time when I feared retirement.

  • I spoke with several retirees on the golf course, and they all bemoaned losing their careers.

They missed the hustle and bustle of corporate life. This made me think it would be the same way for me, and my retirement years would be bereft of meaning. Boy were those guys ever wrong! Once I retired from my career my life started for real. I don’t miss the office at all! It feels like I missed out on enjoying life to the fullest for the last three decades, so I had lost time to make up for it! Can you believe I never smoked cannabis before last year? My old job drug tested, so I never bothered smoking marijuana because it might get me fired. In this state recreational cannabis is not legal, but medical pot is. I spoke to my doctor about getting a prescription for medical cannabis, but she said I didn’t really need it. Since the proper channels failed me, I called my grandson Pete who is a college student, and asked him for a cannabis hook up. Once Pete stopped giggling from shock, he was able to hook me up with a local man who sold cannabis. One day I hope to shop at the cannabis dispensary, but for now I’m buying from this local guy. Everyday feels like a wonderful dream since I started my retirement. I get to lounge around while I smoke cannabis, have cocktails, play golf, and watch TV and movies – what’s not to love?

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