I schedule everyone in less than two hours

I got hired to work at the medical and recreation from marijuana dispensary about 8 months ago.

When I got hired, the owner was in a free fall. The previous manager was stealing from the company and the dispensary owner needed someone that was trustworthy. The guy told me that he interviewed 25 people for the job before he selected my application for the top of the list. I was thrilled when I got hired to work as the manager, because I had several years of experience working as a budtender. I didn’t have any management experience working in the dispensary, but I did have management experience working at a retail store in the mall. When I started working as the manager for the marijuana dispensary, I had to schedule everyone on a piece of paper. It took me about 12 hours to schedule all of the employees, because I had so much to write down and I had to continually use a calculator and go back and forth. I told the owner of the dispensary that it was taking me 12 hours to handle the scheduling and she thought I was being overdramatic. I showed her all of the work that goes into making the schedule and she decided to buy a software program to help me. The software program is incredibly easy to use. I scheduled everyone in less than 2 hours the first time that I used the software program. This week it only took me an hour and a half to schedule all of the employees and that includes vacation time as well. The new software really helps a great deal.


dispensary time and attendance software