Why being a cannabis dispensary member is a win

It is clear that no kind of special membership comes without its perks.

This means that the local cannabis dispensary membership aso has several benefits for those who join. After I joined the exclusive club called Cannabis-plus, the reality of these perks dawned further. At first I was a bit reluctant to join since there was a 50 bucks monthly charge for the membership. Over time though, I came to appreciate that this was a smart play financially, and that I would benefit in multiple other ways. As a member of this cannabis-plus club, I’m able to access discounts on all products, including weed strains and glassware. Also covered are edibles and newest flavors. An additional benefit is free cannabis delivery on all orders. Unlike non-members I don’t have to pay the minimum buying price for delivery on everything I get. I ensure to tip my cannabis delivery drivers too since the membership doesn’t cover this part. Each week I get an SMS from the cannabis dispensary letting me know about new product entrants. This gives me a chance to get the best products among the first people. As such, I am usually among the first people to sample cannabis products. We also get SMS messages in case there are “flash” sales happening at the cannabis shop, which happens a few times per month. Even if I wasn’t spending a lot of money on cannabis, I still think it would be worth paying for this service. This makes me feel like I am valuable to the cannabis dispensary. Does your cannabis shop have a program like this?

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