My journey as a cannabis shop partner

Never had I thought that day when I would consider getting into the weed business.

  • I remember younger years when I would try anything, no matter how dangerous it was.

However, by the time I was graduating from university I had quit drugs and was only indulging in cannabis smoking. There is something so calming to me about marijuana, that works for my stress management. So you can imagine my delight and surprise when the opportunity to become an investor in the local cannabis dispensary came up. This was a major risk, since I needed to “buy in” to the cannabis shop. It would mean having to “cash out” all my previous investments, my previously guarded 401k, and other retirement funds. It also meant not having any form of salary for a few months to come but this was all part of the risk I would have to deal with if I decided to become a part of the cannabis dispensary. It takes all new companies more than 3 months to start turning in a profit, so the cannabis shop is no different. My partners & I would also have to work long hours for no pay, as we set up the best shopper service and also develop a loyal group of regulars for the cannabis shop. Gradually, it will pay off, and the cannabis sales will rise gradually on a monthly basis. However, the cannabis shop will be profitable enough and we can start getting paid! After that we would then look into hiring the budtenders to help us with the shop’s management.

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