How best to hire new budtenders

Well, a connection can only be as strong as its weakest link.

This is a reminder that made Alvin work harder each day.

He ran a cannabis store that was doing quite well but he had a few secrest to this level of success. It all starts with the hiring process which he follows a strict measure. His laser focus in managing the shop makes it difficult for one to understand how he avoids using cannabis during working hours. Over the weekends, and during holidays, he can enjoy some cannabis with his friends but this never happens at the official store. His secret is to avoid getting high at work and being a model for his employees to look up to. It may be difficult to picture how the cannabis dispensary owner would never get stoned, so he stays sober and expects the same from his competent staff. Alvin does not expect them to get high at work in the cannabis shop. The goal is to have the team stay as professional as possible, so that all the people visiting the shop can trust them to maintain high quality cannabis, and quality customer service! As a way of keeping his budtenders motivated and encouraging them to stay sober, Alvin offers them an incentive. This covers a daily bonus of free cannabis for all people. All they have to do is maintain soberness, be timely and keep off cannabis at work for a month.Those who manage this get $100 worth of cannabis strain of their choice! This is such good morale and helps workers stay focused and focused for the price.


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