Was the cannabis dispensary a sign from god?

I am not a religious person, and normally I don’t pray.

But things had been so bad in life I was grasping at straws, I prayed and asked for guidance.

If there was a higher power watching over me, I needed Him to show me a sign. After that I smoked a joint, watched some TV, and went to bed for a long night of tossing and turning. The next day, believe it or not, I got a sign. That is how I choose to view it, because a golden opportunity fell into my lap. My brother-in-law Mike called me with a business proposal, and asked if I wanted to “buy in” and own a percentage of a cannabis dispensary. He was asking for a large amount of money, because it’s insanely expensive to open a new cannabis dispensary. Once I cashed out all my stocks, bonds, and retirement accounts, I had just enough to buy 50% of the cannabis shop. I had been miserable in my career, and now I had a chance to start a new one! I put everything I had into the cannabis dispensary, not just money but time, effort, and energy! My whole future was now tied up with this cannabis shop, so all of my eggs were in one basket so to speak. My partner and I could end up going bankrupt, or we could make a killing in the local cannabis trade. The marijuana industry is red-hot right now, and hopefully we got involved at the perfect time to start turning a profit quickly.


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