The clinic doctor pointed me in the right direction

It’s not genuinely self-explanatory to obtain a medical marijuana card.

I live in a state where medical marijuana has been legal for 2 years, however it still seems prefer the doctor’s drag their feet when it comes to getting people set up for medical marijuana.

There particularly aren’t that multiple doctors that will actually prescribe medical marijuana, many people have to go to a special treatment center in order to qualify for medical marijuana. I wanted to get our medical marijuana card and I didn’t think where to start; Luckily, a associate of mine works in the industry; He gave me the name of a doctor that handles medical marijuana referrals. I made an appointment with the doctor for a couple of mornings later. The receptionist inside of the office was genuinely nice and sweet! She was also incredibly pretty with beautiful esure and long, flowing hair. I sat in the lobby staring at the receptionist for almost 30 minutes before the doctor called for me to come back to the office. The doctor spoke with me at superb length. He discussed our personal medical history. The doctor wanted to think all of the different medications that I have tried and he wanted to think why I know medical marijuana would be helpful in our particular medical case. The doctor was genuinely kind and friendly, however he was adamant that marijuana was a medical drug and I needed to be legitimately sure that I was ready to transport in that direction before he would write me a prescription for marijuana.

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