The church has no business being anti drugs

Nobody I know is allowed to use cannabis in church.

I’m not allowed as well as I have never been to a church that allows it however recently I met a really nice person that was not from this country and they’re two of us had our eyes opened to how cool the church experience could be if we were going somewhere else.

A lot of people our immense on religion however the two of us do one our children to have some values. The two of us have gone to church for repair and sometimes on Fridays we send the kids to the kids service. It can be consistently boring and church is supposed to be boring. I recently met a current acquaintance and the guy told me that his church is not boring at all because they celebrate the many gifts that God has bestowed upon us including cannabis. My own church refers to cannabis as lettuce from the devil. The pastor says that anybody using cannabis will go right to Hellfire and being damned. The church were my friend visit says that God provided cannabis and they should celebrate it by using cannabis all the time. It makes lots of sense due to the fact that the Cannabis products can really help with our mental and physical state. Some people consistently believe that cannabis is immoral, but I consider cannabis to be a helpful drug unlike aspirin, tylenol, or ibuprofen. I’d Savor my church to be more accepting of cannabis unless they try to come up with a reason not to.



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