Ben saved the day with his cannabis edibles

Ben was in charge of the party plans this year, and he dropped the ball.

Our yearly reunions for the old friend group take a fair amount of planning, so we take turns being in charge of it.

This was Ben’s first time organizing the party, and while he got most everything right he made one big error that pissed everyone off. When you are in charge, you need to find suitable accommodations for the group and arrange for the proper party supplies. Everyone pays their fair share of the cost, of course, but the organizer has to actually procure the cannabis, the other drugs, and all of the booze. Ben got plenty of cannabis for us to smoke, but had accidentally booked us a spot that strictly forbade smoking inside. It was almost 100 degrees outside, so standing on the porch to smoke marijuana would have no effect. If you are not a regular cannabis smoker you may not understand the profound effect the temperature has on your high. If you are sweating bullets in such high heat and humidity, no cannabis in the world will get you sufficiently stoned. Ben was deeply apologetic, and offered to whip up a big batch of cannabis edibles, so we could all get ripped without going out into the heat. Ben actually made two batches of pot brownies, one of which had an extra special ingredient. The second pan of cannabis edibles was laced with magic mushrooms, in such a heavy dose that when combined with the marijuana caused a massive and head-tripping high.

Pot brownies