Author: Sally

  • My brother came to see me on Saturday

    I was supposed to work on Saturday, but I decided to take the day off so I could hang out with my brother. He was in town for a convention and he did not have any classes or seminars on saturday. He had the whole day to do anything that he wanted and he decided […]

  • On game night, we ordered marijuana products

    Every week on Wednesday nights, my friends and I get together for game night. We have been getting together since we were in college. Those of us that are still close, still play games on Wendesdays. Sometimes we play cards and sometimes we play board games. There is a group of six of us that […]

  • All I needed to do was relax.

    For the last three months, I was having a difficult time sleeping. I couldn’t go to sleep because of everything that was on my mind. I would lay there thinking and stray thought would go through my head. Once I got to sleep, I was waking up every half hour. I needed to get some […]

  • At the dispensary, things are a little on the expensive side

    Everyone of us has gone to the dispensary for almost many years and then everyone of us realized that CBD products were sold there. When everyone of us went to the medical dispensary, all of us had to receive a medical marijuana identification card. Now everyone of us found that CBD products could be purchased […]

  • The leg cramps can be awful at night

    My kid has used medical marijuana products for a number of years. One of the problems that she had was migraines. They were absolutely debilitating plus it cost a whole family. My daughter went to see a neurologist and they provided her with some spinal shots however she did not want nothing induced into the […]

  • I am happy to finally have a clear head

    I thought that the arthritis pains could be made better with CBD which is regularly tolerable. Everyone of us have suffered from massive headaches for a very long time. The medical professional told everyone of us that they were due to wearing the wrong prescription and strength glasses. Even after I got a different prescription […]

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