The people were all crowded around the guy

There is a honestly giant reason why I did not go into the medical profession.

I do not like the site of blood plus I have a hard time keeping things together when someone is in distress. I’m not cool under pressure like some people. I still ended up in the medical industry at a marijuana dispensary. I’ve been working at the marijuana dispensary for the past 3 years. I like the task plus the hours are stretchy. I basically set my own schedule throughout the week, however there aren’t large medical emergencies in the dispensary usually, however a couple of weeks ago something happened while I was at work, then an older gentleman was in the store buying cannabis products, however she was kneeling in line for a few minutes. I heard a commotion plus then I saw a crowd of people get-together around the lady I told the security guard to check plus see what was going on. I had no way of knowing what was happening until the security guard came back to supply me an update. After all of the people moved, I could clearly see what was going on. A girl was having a medical emergency. She was holding her chest plus looked like she was unable to breathe, and my buddy and I called 911 as fast as possible plus the security guard performed CPR until the 911 paramedic could arrive. It was truly one of the craziest things that has ever happened in the marijuana dispensary. My buddy and I had someone cut their arm on a display, however nobody has ever passed out in the lobby.

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