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It has been raining a lot the last couple of weeks, however the uneven temperatures are cold as well as I suspect that my associate and I will truly have snow before the end of the month; I have been dealing with the rain almost every night at work.

It would not be terrible, however my task happens to be a delivery repair driver.

I supply marijuana as well as marijuana products from a dispensary in the city… My associate and I take marijuana products all over town as well as my associate and I supply from 7:00 in the day until 8:00 at night. I am almost always in my car making deliveries while in the day. There truly is not any downtime, and when it’s raining, the marijuana dispensary is especially busy… Our delivery orders truly doubled while in that time, however last weekend the rain was coming down difficult as well as it was truly difficult to see. There was mud everywhere as well as I was slipping as well as sliding all over the place. One of my clients was in an apartment building on the south side. I pulled into the parking lot as well as the whole place looked like a swamp. There was truly no way that I was going to get out of my car as well as get my feet wet. I was on my last pair of dry socks as well as I didn’t have any other sneakers in the back of the car. I contacted the buyer as well as I told her that she needed to meet me in the parking lot, but she complained about the fact that she ordered for delivery as well as not option up, but I wasn’t going to budge. I wasn’t getting out of the car in the rain.

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