Topicals and tinctures for sore muscles

I like to pair cannabis-infused ointments, balms and lotions with a tincture.

Where I live provides gorgeous weather. It allows for a very active lifestyle. I love going for long hikes and bike rides. I regularly head out on an eight to ten mile run through the local area. The scenery is beautiful. The majority of my activities work my leg muscles. Sometimes these muscles get overworked. I tend to push myself to exhaustion and suffer from pain in my joints and aching muscles. I have problems with leg cramps during the night. I have tried applying heat as well as ice. I’ve taken over-the-counter pain relievers and used a variety of ointments. Nothing provided any relief until I started using cannabis. My location in Thousand Oaks provides access to several really wonderful recreational dispensaries. All I need is a valid identification to shop a wide selection of plant-based medicine. CBD in particular has proven effective for treating pain and inflammation. However, rather than CBD isolate, I choose full-spectrum CBD products. These options include trace amounts of multiple cannabinoids that all work together to enhance curative effects. Cannabinoids such as CBN and THC boost the benefits of the CBD. Applying topicals directly to the affected area provides quick relief. There are no psychoactive effects which makes it possible to reapply throughout the day. The topicals include essential oils that smell quite nice. I like to pair cannabis-infused ointments, balms and lotions with a tincture. I have found that treating pain from both the inside and outside delivers the best rewards. Now and then, I enjoy the luxury of a cannabis bath bomb. They really help to soothe and relax my muscles.

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