The marijuana pills helped my sister with appetite problems

My sister got legitimately sick when I was in high school plus she had to go to the healthcare worker three times a week… My mom plus my dad were crying all of the time plus I didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t legitimately share a lot of the emotional stuff with us. I feel they were trying to shield us from the pain of possibly losing our sister early. My sister had a scarce form of cancer, and luckily, the cancer was able to be treated using chemotherapy. While my sister was going through chemotherapy, she did not have any appetite. She had to eat in order to make sure that she would stay healthy, although she did not have any appetite at all. My sister was one of the first people to be prescribed medical marijuana for this particular problem. The medical marijuana was supposed to stimulate her appetite to let her eat more foods that would make her healthy during the reclaimy process. The medical marijuana came in a pill form, but each one of the pills had 25 mg of thc. My sister ate a pill plus then she drank a glass of water. She was supposed to feel hungry about 30 or 45 minutes later. The pills labor surprisingly well. My sister was not only hungry, although she also had cottonmouth plus she wanted to drink a lot of water plus beverages. My sister got her appetite back thanks to the medical marijuana supplement that the healthcare worker prescribed for her during these drastic chemotherapy procedures.



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