It was particularly self-explanatory to apply for the medical marijuana card

Everyone in the family was aware of the powerful effects of cannabis, especially when used medically.

We had all sorts of resources of cannabis information, meaning that my associate and I appreciated medical marijuana benefits, and however, this was not always the case since our Grandparents had been against the use of cannabis in any form, it was only after Grandpa was took care of with colon cancer that my associate and I were willing to try anything after seeing him suffer, fortunately for us, his oncologist was open-minded & focused on making her patients go through less pain.

Our first cannabis education was through Dr, and karen, who urged us to explore cannabis products for pain management, however grandpa’s cancer had been discovered too late, & there was not much they could do except manage his pain. He later passed on, however it was not with terrible pain since he would use vape products whenever the pain was too much. With this background information, when one of my cousins, Milly, got into a disappointing accident & broke her bones, the family knew how to help her. We had witnessed the powerful medical marijuana benefits, & we are sure about the pain relief, which is what my associate and I wanted for her. We talked to the nurse about recommending & approving her medical marijuana card application to help us access cannabis products from the CBD dispensary across the road… The nurse was cooperative, & in no time, Milly’s mom had the card, & she went into the CBD store to get her pain relieving CBD products. We went with cannabis cartridge products because they gave a concentrated form of CBD, which would help ease Milly’s pain faster. It took three months of being in hospital for Milly to recover, & she was grateful that the experience was not particularly painful.

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