I’m not comfortable with having marijuana products mailed to my house

Sister is staying with us since she lost her job.

She’s always been a little bit of a wild child and I’m not sure what to do about it. I know she uses recreational marijuana and I told her that it was fine so long as the kids don’t know what she’s doing. In other words, no bongs, no blunts. So she’s been using gummies and chocolates and stuff like that that’s infused with marijuana. I also made it very clear that she needs to eat her edibles away from the kids. My sister has been going to a marijuana dispensary to get her goods but she doesn’t have any money for gas now so I guess she’s been using a marijuana delivery service to have her marijuana products delivered. I had no idea she was doing this. I knew she was getting some deliveries but I didn’t know it was marijuana products. That is, until yesterday when she got a box and I left it on the kitchen table. My daughter opened the box when I wasn’t paying attention. Thankfully I stopped her before she started eating any of the gummy bears. So now I’m worried about what might have happened if I hadn’t stopped my daughter in time. I’m starting to think that it might be time for my sister to move out. I don’t want her recreational marijuana in my house. Besides, I was able to see the receipt for these products and they aren’t cheap. If she can afford to have recreational marijuana mailed to my home, she can afford to pay a little bit of rent at least.

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