Grandpa’s weed was delivered

Grandpa knows that I use a little bit of legal recreational marijuana but my mom doesn’t.

I’m an adult and everything but my mom would flip her lid if she found out but I was smoking dope.

When Grandpa found out, I thought he would flipped his lid and call my mom but he just winked at me and walked away. He never said a word about it. I found out why last week when I was house-sitting for Grandpa. He lives about 2 hours north of my parents and I relished the time away from home. The fact that Grandpa was paying me a little bit to watch his dog, collect his mail, and water his plants helps too. About 2 days before Grandpa was coming back, he got a special delivery. I signed for it but didn’t think much more about it until I saw the return label. it had a weed plant on it. Clearly Grandpa was ordering legal cannabis deliveries. This suprised me a great deal. I really wanted to open the box and see what he had ordered but I want to break his trust like that. Later that night, Grandpa called and asked about the special delivery. He said it wasn’t supposed to come for two more days. I told him marijuana delivery had arrived. Yes, I actually use the word marijuana so that he would know I knew what I ordered. He just said “don’t tell your mother and I’ll share when I get home”. That’s funny, he’s older than her and he’s scared of my mom too. Don’t worry grandpa, I won’t tell my mom.