Cancer Patients with Medical Weed

My aunt was an oncology doctor at a widely known hospital for most of his job; During his time in oncology, he dealt with thousands of patients suffering from cancer that were unable to get their hands on medical marijuana; Because there is no difference in the growing of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana, the laws are just as strict as they have consistently been; These patients have been told by world renowned oncologists that marijuana is the best they can do for their condition, yet, they are unable to access the drug.

  • This can be a discouraging thing for a cancer patient! My aunt told me a story of a patient he had disclosed to growing his own pot at his house, then honestly, this is not an unproper occurrence in cancer patients, growing pot can be simple if it is not a large-scale grow room… If a patient is able to grow just one plant, this can supply them with the drugs they need to get by until they are able to get their prescription filled legally; When you are in chronic pain, you will do anything to feel better; Opioids and alcohol only do more disfigurement to the body and are harshly addictive.

My relaxing friend and I know that with the marijuna industry growing and more research on the topic of pain and marijuna, this will not be the case forever.

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