Creating my special cannabis in the midst of adversity

My experiments with cannabis edibles started during the COVID lockdown era.

  • With so much time to spare and no edibles to enjoy, I tossed myself into experimental cooking.

I gathered my grandma’s old recipe books and got to work on enhancing the foods with the little weed I had. Unfortunately this had to stop once the quarantine ended as I had to go back to work. Even so, I never lost my interest in cooking. This may have been a couple of years ago but I continued to try out the cannabis-infused cuisine whenever I could. It became like a science project. My style of edibles is not your typical traditional edibles you might be picturing. I don’t like pot brownies, weed cakes, or cookies. Instead, I go for traditional foods such as pasta dishes, some seafood, and occasionally I make freshly-baked croissants. What makes them unique is the cannabis oil that I also make by myself. When cooking with cannabis, use the oil. This can only work the moment you master the art of infusing cannabis into extra-virgin olive oil since this is where you get to unlock all the secrets needed. Once the olive oil is enriched with cannabis, flavor is easily transferred and the THC potency goes into every ingredient it touches. Usually, I prefer to finely chop my veggies and then saute them in cannabis oil. After this I use the base for a delicious pasta sauce that gets me super stoned! One thing about cannabis oil is that it is shelf-stable, so you don’t have to worry about how long it keeps. I once came up with a huge batch of cannabis oil that lasted me for a few weeks.


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