Starting a cannabis shop in the best place

I initially moved to the city eight years ago, with little more than a business plan and some seed money.

My parents had recently been involved in a fatal car crash.

I inherited their state, and their property, and promptly sold everything. That combined with the life insurance policies gave me a nice big chunk of money I could invest. My dream was to go somewhere new and start a new life. I wanted to run a cannabis dispensary, and I wanted to do it in the city. It was a gamble, and I didn’t know if I would be successful, but I thought my area was a perfect place to try and build a new life for myself, and maybe even start a family. The cannabis market in the city was robust, even back then, and local appetites have only grown hungrier in the years since. But what I love about this town more than anything is the culture. In this part of the world you wouldn’t expect to find a quaint, dreamy place like here, which is awash in high culture, sports, and the arts. Did you know my area holds a sailing regatta on a regular basis? I always take some free samples of cannabis strains to the local harbor and hand them out to tourists to drum up business. One time I tried to hand out free cannabis to patrons at the Museum of Art, but I was escorted off the premises by security. If you ever come through my area look for my humble cannabis shop, I would love to meet you and hook you up with a local strain.



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