Working at a recreational marijuana dispensary

One thing that I entirely like about my job is the fact that I get to help people.

  • I found a job working at a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary, then the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary is only a couple of blocks away from my apartment, so the job works out perfectly.

I do not even have to take my car out of the parking spot in order to get to work. When it’s raining, I take an Uber or I get one of my friends to take me to work. Since it isn’t absolutely far, it’s pretty easy to get a neighbor to drive me up the street. I have been working at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary for the past 8 months. I joined the team shortly after Christmas. I am entirely getting to know all of my strains and how each one of them can help our patients differently. Last year I got to help a patient that was new to medical marijuana. The lady was in need of something to help her relax. She was filled with stress and she told me that she wasn’t sleeping absolutely well at all. I suggested a couple of indica strains that I knew would help her sleep. I suggested a couple of sativa trades for the afternoon, but I urge the patient to go with an indica or a hybrid, because both of those strains would be able to help her relax much more than a sativa. I find that most of the sativas tend to keep our patients awake and filled with energy and that is not what this patient was hoping to achieve.
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