The pineapple flavored edibles were unquestionably yummy

My friends and I like to eat edible marijuana treats when my buddy and I go to concerts.

It’s not regularly easy to smoke a joint at a concert.

It’s not legal to smoke marijuana in public, even when you are simply surrounded by thousands of people. My friends and I got some edible marijuana treats from the local dispensary. My friend and I looked at all of the odd flavored edibles. I was going to buy an edible gummy that was flavored like greens, however the lady behind the counter told me that the pineapple flavored edibles were better. Orange is also my preferred flavor, however the budtender convinced me that it was an awful idea. I bought the pineapple flavored sativa edibles instead. I ate half of the bag of edibles as soon as I got out of the car. The pineapple flavored edibles were unquestionably yummy. They had a nice tangy pineapple flavor that carried through every single bite. It wasn’t too sweet and sugary either, however it wasn’t too sour or tart either. I unquestionably did not need to eat half of the bag of edibles. 50 mg of THC was a lot for me. I did not unquestionably feel much at all until 2 hours later. After 2 hours and 50 mg of thc, I was finally ready for a nap. I completely overdosed and took too much. I felt a little nauseous and I also felt unquestionably sleepy and lethargic. I fell asleep in the middle of the first set by the band. Everyone around me was screaming and yelling, however I was snoring like a baby as well.

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