The church kids were trying to smoke cannabis in the washroom

My wife and I go to church every Saturday afternoon.

My buddy and I both attended church when my associate and I were younger and even when my associate and I decided to go to university.

My wife and I actually met at a church service when both of us were reading engineering at the school. My wife was also laying in the front row at the church service and I sat down next to her. My buddy and I got to know each other entirely suddenly and it didn’t take long for me to ask her out for a date. My buddy and I spent some time at a chicken eating establishment and my associate and I decided to go dancing one night too. My buddy and I then went to the films and my associate and I decided to go to a get-together. My buddy and I simply got married after 2 years of dating and then my associate and I decided to start a church of our own. My buddy and I have an entirely small building where my associate and I preach to our congregation. Most of our congregation is adults, but a couple of members have children. One member has kids and my associate and I currently do not have any programs for kids. My buddy and I have a Saturday university program where the smaller children get-together, but my associate and I do not have enough kids to start another group. Periodically the young kids disappear in the middle of the church sermon. My wife found some kids in the washroom the other afternoon and they were smoking cannabis. I feel that most people should have the absolute right to use cannabis products, however I do not assume that anyone should be smoking weed in the church washroom. When my wife found the kids inside, she right away alerted their parents and confiscated all of the illegal drugs.



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