The cannabis farming consultant really helped us increase our outdoor yield

My wife and I own a 40 acre farm and most of our crops include cannabis.

My buddy and I have 60 cannabis plants that are always grown in our compound. The yield and harvest from these plants is sent to the market to be processed into edibles and concentrates. Over the last 5 years at least, the cannabis crops have dwindled. A lot of the reason is due to the lack of water. When I can’t water the plants well, they do not grow big and strong. I noticed that our last harvest yielded 20% less than any other season. I told my wife that my favorite associate and I should contact a cannabis farming consultant. I study a lot of information about locations in the valley that offer consulting services on cannabis farms. I knew it was going to be a great idea to get some help with the problem, but my wife did not want to pay someone. She was convinced that my associate and I simply needed to water the crops more frequently. I also decided to meet with the cannabis farming consultant even though my wife didn’t assume it was a great idea. The cannabis farming consultant had a lot of great ideas to help our crops. Several of the ideas were not even on my radar. When I finally took the information back to my wife, she agreed that it was a great idea to speak with a professional. The two of us want our company to grow and be profitable for numerous years in the future and that means sometimes my associate and I have to consult with a marijuana expert.


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