Pot brownies in the home

My child had a sleepover last weekend and a bunch of her friends came to stay at the house. The weather has been absolutely nice and sunny, so the kids spent a lot of time outside in the pool. In the middle of the night on Tuesday, someone came to wake me up. I do not remember which one of my daughter’s friends came to knock on the door, but she was sad and frantic. My child was trying to be cool in front of her friends. She decided to eat an entire pot brownie. My wife and I keep pot brownies in the house, because periodically we like to get high. We are adults after all and it is legal in this state, then all of the kids know that they aren’t supposed to touch the marijuana supplies that are in the refrigerator and all of our kids are old enough to know the rules. Our child decided to eat a whole pot brownie and she overdosed on marijuana. She had way too much and she was throwing up and absolutely sick to her stomach. Her friends thought that she was going to die from the marijuana brownie, but I knew that she was going to be just fine. I ended up sending all of the kids back to their hosts and I called their parents in the middle of the night. I was anxious about my own child and didn’t entirely care if they weren’t thrilled because they had to pick up their kids right and early on Monday morning.
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