Popular cannabis strain

Pineapple Express is an absolutely popular cannabis strain that is known to have the potency of tropical train wreck with the flavor of different types of Hawaiian strains.

It is an absolutely well balanced hybrid.

Pineapple Express has a distinct odor and terpene profile. The flavor is refreshing with a sweet fruity scent and hints of spices and citrus. Pineapple Express is a mood enhancing and stress reducing strain. It also offers temporary relief when dealing with depression, anxiety, and weird mood disorders. Pineapple Express used to be one of my favorite marijuana strains and then the medical dispensary near me stopped carrying the hybrid strain. I didn’t see the strain again until last week when I went to a brand-new recreational and medical marijuana clinic that opened up on the North side of town. One of the strains that they were advertising was Pineapple Express. The budtender even opened up a package so I could look at the buds. They looked really lovely. Each one of the buds was covered with lots of red hairs and THC trichodes. I got a discount because it was my first time going to the store. I saved 30% on the whole order and I decided to get a couple of things that I entirely wanted since I was saving a ton of money. I purchased a half ounce of the Pineapple Express strain and two live resin cartridges and two packs of pre-rolled and Infused marijuana joints that were one half gram each. One was a sativa called Blue Dream and the other infused marijuana joints were indicas from the King Louie strain.


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