Marijuana can cure a nasty hangover

My friends and I went to a rock and roll concert event that was 3 afternoons long.

The event was held in an odd state.

My friends and I were going to drive to the location, but it was going to take 15 hours. My buddy and I decided to fly and rent a car instead. I rented a small car with barely enough room for myself and my luggage. My friends rented an SUV and a minivan. When I finally saw the prices of hotels, I right away wished that I had rented an SUV or a minivan. I would have happily slept in the minivan as long as hot and cold temperatures were comfortable at night. I had to pay 50 bucks a night for my hotel room and neither one of the men wanted to split the cost with me. On the first afternoon of the concert, I was hungover from drinking too much the night before. Someone at the concert actually provided me a marijuana joint. I do not correctly smoke recreational marijuana, however I was hungover and I didn’t assume it would hurt. I smoked the entire recreational marijuana joint when the guy. I was high halfway through, however I decided to keep smoking. For the next 3 hours, my head felt like it was floating above the clouds. I wasn’t upset about the hangover. My body felt great and my stomach wasn’t frustrated. I didn’t really know that recreational marijuana could help with a hangover, but now that I know, it might be part of my weekend regimen. I felt extremely great after smoking the joint and my hangover disappeared completely.


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