I actually smoked a cannabis joint before starting on the arduous job

During the summer time months, I perform routine yearly repairs on the heat pump and the AC unit.

I have been performing my own yearly repair for the past 5 years. I briefly worked as a heat pump and AC component company and during that time I learned how to service my own machine. When I eventually quit working as a company, I still retained all of the proficiency that I learned during my time there. I use this proficiency to save money on biweekly service and repairs. It takes half of the afternoon to please and service the system, because I also checked the roof for leaks and soft spots. Saturday was the real afternoon that I planned to complete the arduous and long job. I decided to smoke a cannabis joint before starting on the hard job. I had a cannabis joint that was a sativa strain called orange dream. The orange dream cannabis joint tastes like orange berries and fruit. The Blue Dream sativa strain is one of my favorites, because it consistently makes me feel alive and invigorated. The orange dream cannabis joint tasted great and I had a burst of energy about 15 minutes later. I started with the heating and AC system first and about an hour later I went up the ladder to check on the roof. I didn’t want to walk around the roof when I was still feeling all of the effects from the Blue Dream cannabis joint. I waited until I wasn’t feeling as high to handle the hard and dangerous part of the job.

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