Cheering on a cannabis grower

He even came up with a few new cannabis strains on his own.

I’m a total sucker for a story that ends right. This might be why I never ask my wife to turn off the romantic movies that always turn out right. She loves these things and they are sort of a secret pleasure for her. Meanwhile, I pretend to look at my phone while secretly loving when it all turns out right. Well finally, there is a good ending for the story of a dear friend who is a cannabis grower. Now, this person isn’t just my friend because he’s a cannabis grower and has provided me with cannabis products for ages. Nope, this guy is a dude that I got to know in the fifth grade and we’ve been tight now for nearly 40 years. For at least the last 25 or 30 years of that time, my friend has had a passion for growing premium marijuana. Of course, he had to do it completely under the radar and it was a small cannabis grow in the basement of his house. Still, it produced plenty of ounces of marijuana for all his friends. That wasn’t really the point though. My buddy was so into cannabis products because he loved exploring different sativa, indica and hybrid strains. He even came up with a few new cannabis strains on his own. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in our state, he can indulge in his passion for cannabis and do so legally. It’s a great story really. And I’m doing nothing but cheering my buddy the cannabis grower on as he gets his cannabis products in more and more cannabis dispensaries.

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