PTSD plus Medical Cannabis

PTSD is a debilitating mental health condition that can be brought on by some extremely difficult and traumatic experiences for people.

It can appear following violent attacks, health problems, extreme situations, or even car accidents.

The symptoms may appear immediately or months or even a year after the event, but can you guess that one out of every three people will experience PTSD after experiencing something extremely stressful? It can have a significant impact on both the man suffering from PTSD and the people who love him. If you have PTSD, you will undoubtedly relive the traumatic event through flashbacks and nightmares. This can make you feel guilty, isolated, and constantly on edge, and people have been talking more and more about using medical cannabis to treat PTSD instead of more traditional treatments. It is on the list of qualifying conditions for using medical cannabis, but you will need to obtain a medical cannabis card if you want to use it legally. Medical marijuana has been shown to help people replace negative memories with positive ones through a process known as “extinction learning.” This can help them overcome the event and be less terrified of it. Sleeping can be a major issue for people who have PTSD. Traumatic memories and flashbacks can make it difficult to sleep, but medical cannabis can help fight those night terrors, anxiety, and constant flashbacks that make it difficult to sleep. Furthermore, it can help with anxiety, depression, and other PTSD-related symptoms. Overall, it is a fantastic and effective way to treat this debilitating condition.

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