I enjoy the infused pre rolls

One of my friends is having trouble with her boyfriend, so she came to hang out at my place for a couple of days.

I honestly think that she should leave that guy because he is a jerk but she still thinks that he is going to change.

In my opinion, a leopard does not change its spots.I know that she thinks he is magically going to turn into a different person, but the reality is that people don’t really change. My friend works at a marijuana dispensary in the city. She drives about 25 minutes, but she has a car that has really good gas mileage. I have to drive a minivan back and forth to work, so I’m really glad that I don’t have to drive very far when I go to work. When my friend came over on Tuesday, she brought some free rolled marijuana joints from the dispensary. I have never seen that marijuana in the dispensary and she told me that they were brand new. I was one of the first people to try them out. She told me not to tell anyone that she let me try them, because they won’t be for sale until next month. I think that my friend was being over dramatic, but I agreed not to tell anyone at all. The infused pre-rolls tasted exactly like cereal. The infused pre-rolls were some of the best tasting marijuana joints that I have ever smoked. The product was extremely high quality and the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch was spot on. I could taste the milk, the sugar, and the cinnamon.



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