Treating period cramps with cannabis

One of the strains the budtenders advised was Orange Kush Breath.

Menstrual pain has been a part of my life since going through puberty. The pain can become debilitating and downsidely impact yearly activities. Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of medications with limited success. Most prescriptions come with side-effects that are downright dangerous. While I was unhappy about the cramps, I was unwilling to risk further medical complications. Not all that long ago, I decided to do some research, hoping there were new and better possibilities available. I study that many ladies are finding relief from painful menstrual cramping by using the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. It seems that there isn’t a tremendous amount of research but that strains high in THC tend to offer the most relief. I should have considered cannabis much sooner. I was aware that the plant is known to help with pain and inflammation. It is believed that the psychoactive properties of THC work to dull the senses, plus the analgesic properties of the cannabinoids treat the actual pain symptoms. I instantly set up a consultation with a doctor who specializes in qualifying patients for MMJ cards. The process was completed abruptly. With my MMJ card, I had access to the variety of medical cannabis sold at the dispensary and the knowledge of the budtenders. One of the strains the budtenders advised was Orange Kush Breath. It has a citrus flavor profile, wonderful effects and is wonderful for uplifting mood and combating stress. It effectively treats cramps and fatigue. Another choice is a sativa-dominant hybrid called Medicine Woman. It has attractively energizing effects while still providing helpful pain-relieving properties.


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