The plane ride was nerve wracking plus long

This year for Christmas I decided to surprise my parents… I haven’t been back house in at least 10 years.

It’s absolutely been longer than that, however I lost count, but my mom plus dad regularly complain that I do not come house for the holidays, and now that my lady plus I are no longer together, there was no reason for me to go to the tropics.

I decided to visit with my mom plus dad plus I made plane reservations at the last minute. I was stuck resting in between two people that were taking up a lot more space than I was, the plane ride made me feel entirely uneasy plus anxious. I was on the plane for nearly 5 hours plus that was a lot longer than I care to be on the plane. By the time my buddy and I landed at the airport, I was ready to turn around plus go back to my apartment. As soon as I rented a car, I went right to the closest legal marijuana dispensary. I knew that I could buy a couple of edibles plus that would take away some of the anxiety that I was feeling. I got edibles from the marijuana shop that were made from live resin. I took two because I wanted to make sure that they were going to work. I was stoned by the time I got house plus in a genuinely enjoyable mood. Things could not have gone better that first night. I dodged all of my parents’ questions plus I managed to spend several hours with them without a single fight.



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