The odor of marijuana is strong

Just a small number of months ago, a up-to-date marijuana company took over the dispensary downtown, ever since then, production at the marijuana dispensary has been extremely high. I toil at a plumbing company that is on the other side of the street. In the past, my coworkers plus I have never odored marijuana coming from the dispensary. The locale has a license to grow, harvest, plus sell marijuana. Most of the sites around here are licensed to grow, harvest, plus sell. When the up-to-date marijuana company took over, it was easy to odor that they were working even harder to grow greater amounts of marijuana. The odor is so strong that my coworkers plus I can odor marijuana on the other side of the street. During the night hours, the odor is the strongest. I think that is the time when the company is harvesting all of the products. I’ve never personally been inside of the marijuana dispensary. I gave up smoking pot when I was in university. It made me feel extremely paranoid plus I slept all of the time. I also gained about twenty pounds because all I did was smoke plus eat. I craved corn snacks plus salsa when I got stoned. I didn’t do well in my classes plus I spent 5 years trying to get a degree that should have only taken me four. I was fortunate to end up working at the plumbing company. They didn’t care if my mechanical engineering degree was all A’s or all seas. Either way, the pay is still the same.

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