Trying cannabis to treat symptoms of menopause

While menopause eventually affects all men, some have a more hard time with the symptoms than others.

I started noticing symptoms in my early fifties.

I am now fifty-seven years outdated plus still dealing with migraines, hot flashes, urinary tract infections, evening sweats plus all sorts of issues. Menopause has even changed my sex drive plus caused joint pain plus muscleI cramps. I keep expecting my body to adjust plus achieve homeostasis. In the meantime, I’ve needed to find ways to minimize the symptoms. I am not a fan of prescription drugs. I love natural remedies, fortunately, qualifying for my MMJ card was not difficult. Cannabis has gave an drastically beneficial plus safe treatment opportunity. It has taken some experimentation to find the right balance to relieve pain, reduce hot flashes, lessen headaches plus prefer better sleep. I even utilize cannabis to help with my mood plus anxiety. After doing a enjoyable deal of studying, I visited the local medical cannabis dispensary plus consulted with one of the budtenders, but he was entirely proficiencyable plus assisted me in determining the right strains for my needs plus preferences. I have had enjoyable success with an indica strain called Purple Urkle. Along with a flavor of berries plus grapes that I legitimately enjoy, it’s enjoyable for relieving pain plus allowing me to relax. I get a better evening’s sleep, which allows me to be more productive the next afternoon. For a boost in mood plus motivation, I like Super Silver Haze. It’s a sativa strain best used in the day or afternoontime because of its long-lasting, energizing properties.
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