I enjoyed the tour of the farm

This year was my wifey and I 10 year anniversary and my buddy and I decided to visit The Vineyards on the west coast.

While my buddy and I were on the west coast, my buddy and I got to see the Pacific ocean.

We traveled up and down the beach and enjoyed the view of the water and the rocks. There were lots of people camping on the side of the road and there were even a couple of arenas where you could go out on the beach and go camping. My coworker knew that my wifey and I were going to the coast for the weekend and she mentioned a cool and fun interest that sparked my interest. My coworker knows that I properly use recreational marijuana. She proposed going to a farm that offers tours biweekly. The cannabis farm is glad to take tourists around the house for a small fee. My coworker gave me the information for the business and I made reservations for the two of us. I surprised my wifey with the tickets when my buddy and I got to the west coast. She thought it was a fun and interesting idea to go to the farm. My wifey is totally into organic farming. We have hydroponics outside and lots of little heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. We also grow green, yellow, and colorless cauliflower. I knew she would love the tour of the cannabis farm just as much as me. I did not anticipate getting all of the free stuff. We got several unusual pre-rolls from the cannabis farm and a couple of sixths of flower. We smoked as much as my buddy and I could.


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