The food array at the celebration was enormous and huge

Wednesday was the one year anniversary of the opening of the marijuana shop near me.

I remember when the marijuana shop opened up, because they had a very big sale on everything in the shop.

For the first month, all of the products in the store were 25% off. I was definitely upset when the marijuana shop finally ended the sale. I was used to getting the extra savings. When I eventually found out that the marijuana shop near me was going to have a celebration to celebrate the one year brand opening anniversary, I cleared the day on my calendar. I figured they would have a pretty big celebration since they had an important celebration when the place opened up. A week before the annual anniversary celebration, online plus there were advertisements in the store too. On Wednesday they were going to have a bunch of buy one plus get one for free sales as well as free demos, food, songs, plus more pop up sales. The delicious food array of the celebration was enormous. There was a lot of weird food there from a few local steakhouses. The marijuana shop had tacos plus burritos from the Mexican steakhouse plus egg rolls from the Chinese place. They also had a variety of pulled pork, chicken, plus beef from the barbecue place down the street. Everything was free as long as you made a purchase from the marijuana shop that day. My best friends plus I picked out on pulled pork after buying a couple of vape pen cartridges. The whole day turned out to be a ton of fun.


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