Many co workers choose to get high at work

Most people I know can get high at work plus this is easily a wonderful thing.

They’re delicate occupations at the people I was with in addition to myself deem as entirely important.

People have to be scrub and addition to sober before they can do these jobs that require focus. If these bus drivers, cops in addition to healthcare workers are under the influence of cannabis, it would put a number of people in serious danger. These types of jobs require focus in order to get done. Then There are a whole bunch of people that have jobs that are entirely able to be done while focusing on cannabis. There are basic employees that work at the shopping mall or even Walmart and these people can probably be stoned on cannabis throughout the day while entirely still being able to do their job. The people I was with in addition to myself worked at a library and spent our entire day smoking reefer in the back of the store. It really didn’t matter at all because I was just stacking in addition to selling these old books. If anything at all, I believe that smoking marijuana probably makes me feel more personable in addition to easier to talk to any of the clients. The people I was with in addition to myself are our bosses that are aware that we use cannabis products and they don’t mind because the job isn’t exactly brain surgery or even rocket science. Using cannabis seems to help a lot more than it actually hurts.


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