I realized my parents had smoked cannabis my whole life

When I was a kid I remember my parents having a very weird friend named Dave. Dave would stop by our house a couple of times a week. He only came later on at night, and he never stayed for more than a few minutes. I remember Dave because he was so nice and funny, and he smelled different than anyone else I knew. A very strange, skunky odor that surrounded him. I thought it smelled nice! Fast forward ten years, and I am in a car with some high school friends when one of them sparks a joint of marijuana. Once I smelled the cannabis smoke, I flashed back to Dave coming by the house. In an instance, I realized that Dave had been a cannabis dealer, stopping by to make a delivery to my parents. That meant my parents had been getting stoned on marijuana for my whole life! My mind was blown. Instead of sneaking around or wondering about it, I decided to confront my dad and ask if he still buys marijuana from Dave. Dad just laughed and said “you finally figured it out.” It turns out that Dave had retired from the business after a legal cannabis dispensary opened in town. My parents shopped at the cannabis dispensary once or twice a month, so of course I asked if he would pick up some for me. He laughed again, and said I had to get my own cannabis. That’s okay, I don’t mind, because I found out where my parents hide their cannabis stash, so I’ll just take some from there.

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