Do I really miss going to the cannabis dispensary?

I am a recluse by nature. I prefer staying inside and keeping to myself. I don’t have a phobia about other people, so I’m not a weird shut-in, I just prefer being alone, or with a small group of friends. When COVID happened, I was actually relieved! Because of the pandemic I had an excuse to stay indoors all the time. I stopped going to the office and started doing my work at the kitchen table. There were a few adjustments to make, but overall I was loving my new iteration of life! The only thing I really missed was being able to visit the cannabis dispensary whenever I wanted. At the time there was no local cannabis delivery, so I had a rough couple of months waiting for the dispensary to reopen. Even when it opened for business again, cannabis delivery was still illegal. Thankfully there was an enterprising young man who decided to use his 10-speed bike to become a cannabis delivery guy. This was 100% illegal of course, so he charged a hefty fee for his service, but I gladly paid it. Finally I could get cannabis delivered to my front door and never have to go outside again! Eventually the cannabis dispensary started offering legal delivery, and it was a lot cheaper than using the bike delivery guy. There is something special about going inside a nice cannabis dispensary, and learning more about the strains I am smoking. More often than not, I am happy to stay in my house and have my cannabis delivered to me.



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