Dad smokes a little marijuana once in a while

My dad gets high a lot and I knew that he was doing this throughout most of my life. He didn’t smoke any cannabis around me in addition to my siblings and only went outside late at night when he believed that everyone was asleep. I don’t think my dad went a single day without getting high and I entirely remember this when the people I was with in addition to myself were young. Pops had a neighbor whose name was Kyle plus Kyle would stop by every single night and I believed this was weird. The guy stayed for five or 10 minutes and then left. Kyle consistently brought bags of brown paper to my dad and I thought they were gifts until multiple years later when I realize that Kyle was in fact a marijuana dealer. The people I was with in addition to myself watch the guy drop off packages multiple times every month for our dad. When I turned 18, my dad said that I was an adult and I didn’t have to hide cannabis anymore. He didn’t really encourage me to get high in addition to still didn’t expose me to marijuana smoke but at least he was no longer pretending and that made me feel like an adult. It was a signal to a change in our adult relationship. The state was legalizing recreational Cannabis so my dad could go anytime you wanted to buy it and at one time I decided to see if the people I was with in addition to myself could get marijuana from the shop.


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