Good times, good memories, killer cannabis

For our second year anniversary my darling wifey Max booked us a weekend on the shore! When my associate and I were dating my associate and I would go to the beach a lot, however having works and youngsters put an end to all that fun, now my associate and I have fun when my associate and I get the chance! My good friend and I had my parents watching the youngsters for the weekend so my associate and I could have a real getaway, just like the seasoned nights! Max rented us a little property right on the beach, far away from the hotels and tourist traps! As my associate and I pulled up to the condo, I saw that there was a cannabis dispensary right across the street! Max gave me a winsome grin, and I realized she had planned this, and selected a property that was within walking distance of a cannabis dispensary! There was also a liquor store and a grocery store nearby, so I could have all the drinks, cannabis, and food I needed without driving anywhere! This was important, because my associate and I both planned on getting wrecked, drunk, and stoned for all three nights my associate and I were there. My good friend and I followed through on that plan, and being so close to the cannabis shop made things so much easier! I could buy a couple of grams worth of marijuana at a time instead of having to buy a larger quantity, which allowed me to try more exotic cannabis strains. Max truly hit it out of the park with this surprise weekend. My good friend and I had everything my associate and I needed – good cannabis, liquor, food, and each other, what else does a guy truly need?



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