Unexplained pain gets help from legal weed store

It was so uncommon that my old friend from school just wouldn’t take no for an answer, and he was coming through neighborhood on business and wanted to drop by and see me, but my great friend and I have reMEd close since our school afternoons but I was also at my lowest point with my chronic pain.

My friend knew this as he had been a great ear for me over the iphone.

Turns out, he had a pretty great cannabis education and he wasn’t leaving neighborhood until he saw me and my associate and I talked about it. This wasn’t the first time my friend and talked about the medical marijuana benefits when it came to pain management. But I was still completely convinced that the healthcare workers would figure this all out. However, it had been almost four years and I was only become more debilitated and subsequently isolated. My partner was carrying the whole financial load as I couldn’t even labor at all. Shoot, I could hardly even get out of bed. And still, I was so resistant to even the idea of using cannabis products. I didn’t absolutely find the idea of being stoned on medical marijuana and in pain to be all that wonderful, and looking back now, just six months later, I’m so eternally grateful that my friend just wouldn’t take no for an answer. He finally just showed up at the door and my partner brought him in the study room. He basically put on a medical marijuana benefits presentation. It ended with step by step instruction on how to get a medical marijuana card right here where I live. I was convinced enough to get through the medical marijuana rules and get to the legal weed store. Thanks to my friend and the cannabis flower products I’m now using, I’m starting a modern job next week.


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