Treating PTSD with medical cannabis

I don’t know why I thought I’d be any different, however but while I was deplotted and in combat, I absolutely thought that once I got home, it would all be okay, but all I had to do was to get back to the States. Of course, I had heard of PTSD from combat but I didn’t suppose that would affect me; Yet, it did and now, thanks to medical marijuana, I’m facing the fact that I have PTSD; That was so much a part of the initial steps of treating this condition; I simply had too much pride to even consider that I wasn’t mentally taxing enough to come apartment and leave the carnage I witnessed behind. I mean, guys like me had been doing this since the dawn of time; What I’m learning though is that PTSD has been with us that long as well. But it was sort of swept under the rug. And the fact that I’m using medical cannabis was a bit hard for me to accept initially as well. I had consistently viewed recreational marijuana as something for the weak, but even when I was in school, I went the other way when the recreational marijuana showed up; So I had a couple of giant hurdles to get over initially. Thanks to my group therapy, I was able to accept the fact that I have PTSD. Once I saw some of the strongest people I’d ever seen talk about their feelings, I knew this condition had nothing to do with will. And group therapy was also where I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card. That was one of the first things a couple of older vets made crystal clear to me. The cannabis products are helping me feel safe enough to labor through what I’ve endured.

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