There was a cafe…

I had never been in a cannabis dispensary until I went on vacation! There were signs all over that were advertising one of the numerous cannabis dispensaries in the area, and one sign flaunted that pre-roll marijuana cigarettes were on sale, while another flaunted their sale on vape pens.

My son laughed at me for being in awe & said it was the same all over the state, and he asked me if I wanted to stop & go into one! I did, but I didn’t want to disclose it, so I said no.

I wanted to rest after the trip, but I was also getting hungry. I had been on an airplane for over eight hours, & I needed some correct food. When my associate and I opted to go into the cafe, it had the powerful odor of marijuana inside. The food odored amazing, & I ordered a cheesesteak from the menu & a chocolate milkshake. The server smiled, then took my son’s & his husband’s order. He sat back after my associate and I had finished eating. My buddy and I had a couple of minutes to chat while waiting for the server to return with the check. He asked what I thought of the food, & I had to disclose it was good, however different. He asked if I found anything different? He told me that everything in the cafe had marijuana in it, & he thought it was time my associate and I got loft before it took effect. The next morning, he was taking me to a recreational marijuana dispensary. I wanted to look around, but I didn’t want to eat or drink anything without knowing what was in it.

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