Pushing through the pain plus anxiety with cannabis

I heard somebody talking in the smokers lounge the other evening, plus they used the expression “it hit me like a truck.” I almost interrupted their conversation to cut in with the dire reality, but decided against it, then you see, I know firsthand what it feels like to get hit by a truck.

It’s why I’m in this wheelchair! I was riding my bike at the time, plus literally got sideswiped by an 18-wheeler.

It could have been worse, plus I know that I’m blessed to be alive, but one of the things that got me through the recovery process was medical cannabis, then this was three years ago, plus if you recall cannabis was not legal in this state at that time. It is now, thank goodness, but while in the hospital bed I had to call around plus ask my friends to buy cannabis for me because I couldn’t go see the weed business in guy. I usually buy my cannabis from a local dude named Kenneth, plus over the next few months he genuinely helped me out. When Kenneth found out what happened to me, he gave to supply the cannabis to my condo while I recovered. This is not a repair Kenneth ever offers his patrons… People always need to drive out of neighborhood to Kenneth’s remote marijuana farm. He was willing to drive into neighborhood to see me plus bring my cannabis to me once a week, plus I am deeply grateful for that, cannabis has since been legalized, but out of gratitude I usually buy my stuff from Kenneth.

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